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Nov 4, 2012 5:30am PST
hurricane sandy. this week we've seen a lot of weather around the east coast and also here in san francisco, and ironically it's been the week of the fire. so, i brought seven items raised to fire that pertains something towards the commission. one is two by the sea, west portola avenue. i know it's your neighborhood. took out that restaurant and also the dental building next to it. number two was two days ago, hurricane sandy burned over 200 homes in one single neighborhood. and other homes from natural gas coming out. number three was too bad to see, third and mission street where we have the bus hit by the giants finances. congratulations to the giants, but we don't want to see that as you guys touched on we don't want to see buses burning at third and mission street. we wouldn't like that for our cars or homes or outside of our businesses. number four, the most interesting project in san francisco, 474 o'farrell street, there was a fire several years ago and the same thing happened as we heard last week in 1995, drug dealers entered the basement of a building and the organizat
Nov 3, 2012 5:00pm PDT
take a moment first to recognize those impacted by hurricane sandy and mourn the lives loft from this disaster. of course the giants share a deep history with new york and our prayers go out to everyone on the east coast affected by this disaster and the red cross in those regions they really need our help everybody and we encourage you to donate for the relief fund at red cross .org and the giants players are going to make donations and the giants' organization is going to match the donations by the employers. just think everybody here today and 1 dollar from all of us. that can really help and donate at red cross .org and we thank you for your generosity. it was just two years ago that we captured the championship since moving to san francisco and i think we're happy we didn't have to wait until 52 years. [cheers and applause] we've got another trophy in this great city by the bay. [cheers and applause] so today giants fans once again you are all world champions and together we are giants, so we have a wonderful program planned for you today and i know you're anxious to get this sta
Oct 31, 2012 7:00pm PDT
right here, that shows that local 16 paid out [speaker not understood] for sandy reid through matt gonzalez who was representing her as -- >> thank you very much. next speaker. >>> victoria lewis, [speaker not understood]. 12 years ago -- >> please speak directly into the mic. >>> 12 years ago, [speaker not understood] appeared before the human rights commission. the exact date was thursday, march 2nd, and here's the copy of the agenda. [speaker not understood] the human rights commission to investigate discriminatory hiring practices and retaliation by local 16 business manager [speaker not understood]. the commissioner [speaker not understood] -- >> excuse me, ma'am. there is a rule in the board chamber that public comment is not used to discuss candidates or ballot initiatives. so, i would ask you to refrain from referring to mention of any candidates. >>> okay. [speaker not understood]. >> you can discuss the union but not any candidates. >>> [speaker not understood] for speaking out against local 16. he spoke on the record about making things right. 20 years later no one has h
Oct 28, 2012 5:30pm PDT
better, it's actually 9% 89% of african-american. i do want to echo what sandy fewer talked about that we believe that we need to be talking about this as four levels of off-track; right? >> my boyler let me ask you a question to conclude your thought. >> thank you, so we just believe there needs to be intervention at every single level to make sure those students are back on-track. the last thing i want to say is that credit recovery and academic support to make sure students are successful is key. i know that the district and at the state level is dealing with huge amounts of budget crisis, but this has to be a priority. we're facing a crisis and honestly it will be an embarrassment if we don't address these numbers now. thank you. >> thank you very much. please come forward. >> good afternoon supervisors, commissioners. my name is jose luis mujila and i work with transitional youth and we advocate on behalf of 16-24-years-old in the city. i was born and raised here. i went it all public schools and graduated from balboa high school. but unfortunately, i graduated with very few people t
Nov 1, 2012 7:30pm PDT
back east where hurricane sandy has created a great stir for a lot of people. working in partnership with the hayes valley neighborhood association, the san francisco parks alliance, and the mayor's office of economic and work force development, hayes valley farm has been packing up planning and expecting to get a notice at the end of this year of this successfully interim use project. after a long wait, parcel member of the hayes valley neighborhood association finally seeing progress in the development of parcel p. but this is actually what would happen to the other part of the farm, parcel o, the half that isn't about to be built on. much like efforts to support rent control and bans on formula retail, we of hayes valley often stand alone when we strongly advocate for affordable housing in our neighborhood. parcel o is ultimately slated for affordable housing and i'm thrilled it is going to be family affordable housing. but until then, as i'm learning now, many people would like to see that to be an agriculture project until that time when that project breaks ground. not for a whi
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)